SUMA FILMES is an independent production company specialized in documentaries, that combines sensibility with audaciy to create storytelling in different formats for web, TV and cinema.

Currently is creating weekly content for Youtube channels, producing short movies and feature films and developing documentary projects. In its catalog has eight short movies, a medium length and short format series, shown at national and international festivals. Licensed TV shows and movies for Canal Brasil and Globosat+.

Also produces videos on demand: for companies, branded content, book trailers, art videos and events.

  • It was in Documentary Film Graduate School, FGV-RJ, coordinated by Eduardo Escorel that Stefania, Vinicius, Debora, Bia and Jonas had their first contact.

    United by the will to explore the boundaries of the documentary language, they began producing short documentaries in a collaborative process. From this content it was settled an independent movie company in 2013 with Bia and Jonas as managing partners.
    In the following years they produced together several movies, art installations, company videos and content for the web, which brought another partner, Calí dos Anjos. today they develop together documentary projects on various subjects.

  • bia


    Undergraduated in Social Sciences and graduated in Documentary Filmmaking at FGV, is a gender and sexuality researcher. Today is a director and Executive Producer.
    Director: Drag-se, Olympias

  • jonas


    Fascinated by the documentary universe, he undergraduated in cinema and studied Documentary Filmmaking at the MET Film School and graduated in documentary at FGV. Currently holds functions od Director, Director of Photography and Executive Producer.
    Director: Jou!, Estrada Dom Joaquim Mamede, On Side e Ilha do Cardoso.

  • cali


    Undergraduated at Rio de Janeiro’s Federal University on Comunication and Filmmaking at New York Film Academy. Calí is a director and editor.
    Direction: Parte, Tailor

  • debora


    Writer, M.D in Brazilian Literature (UERJ) and a Graduate degree in documentary at FGV. Develops Fiction and Documentary projects for TV, cinema and other media.
    Direction: Sincerely, Lo Turco; Como nossos Pais.

  • stefania


    Journalist and graduated in documentary filmmaking at FGV, works as an announcer, reporter, presenter, producer and director.
    Direction: Jean Marie; Sculpting Air.

  • vinicius


    Undergraduated in journalism, specialized in editing at Darcy Ribeiro Film School and holds a graduate degree at FGV documentary school. Vinicius is an editor for cinema and TV.
    Direction: …eu sou muito bom e muito ruim..

Drag-se – Drag Docs.


There is a Strong new generation od drags in Rio de Janeiro. Drag-se follows the lives of thirteen of them, keeping up with their daily lives and their transformation to Drag.

Ilha do Cardoso

Ilha is a documentary about a small fishing village at ‘Parque Estadual Ilha do Cardoso’ also an ecological reserve. The movie is from the director’s personal perspective, he lived there during four years. This film shows social, cultural and economic activities that belongs to the community.



Fernando Codeço’s Olympias are the transvestites of Glória, Rio de Janeiro. The project is made in reference to the work Olympia (1863), by Édouard Manet, which portrays a prostitute. Fernando’s work is artistic and anthropological, using several drawing techniques and street performances.

Atenciosamente, lo Turco


In 1940, an amateur musician orders a violin by Vincenzo Lo Turco, renowned luthier at Rio de Janeiro. From than, it starts an intensive letter excheange regarding the manufacture of the instrument. After the musician’s death, his wife inherits the the violin and its cares. Until she needs to sell it.

Jean Marie


Jean Marie Dubrul is a French ballet dancer that arrived in Brazil (1979). Currently he gives dancing and stretching classes and teaches classical ballet. Stefania Fernandes talks about the transformation process and techniques passed along by him in class.

Estrada Dom Joaquim Mamede


A Catholic chapel, a center of shamanism and a protestant church. A clinic where 156 patients died within 4 months. A decadent club. A school in the shape of a castle. A small slum. Bars. Houses with cameras. This is the scenery of a personal observation about life in the city of Rio de Janeiro.

…eu sou muito bom… e muito ruim


In 1973, after being arrested and tortured by brazilian military dicatorship, the artist Aloysio Zaluar exiles himself in Pedra de Guaratiba in the distant West Side of Rio de Janeiro. There he had two major breakthroughs that changed his life forever.

On Side


Three foreigners. Three different backgrounds. Three distinct realities. The same city: London. The same passion: footbal.



What’s left when you break up? One part that is left behind or a new one that you carry with yourself? Parte is a movie about memories, captured parts of a story.

Naolinco and the colors of death


During the week of “Day of the Dead”, the streets of Naolinco (Mexico) gradually get colors and scents. Regional dishes, incense and flowers, the town focuses on one of the most importante days of the year, the reunion with their beloved souls.



What is the health condition of a society that seeks numbness? Rivotrip documentary proposes a debate on the medicalization of emotions, with the thread consumption of tranquilizers and antidepressants.

Like our Parents


Stories, cases, memories and, above all, music. Artists who followed their parents path shows us how they deal with their careers.

Boutique Hotels


This series will go through an itinerary that contemplates hotels and guesthouses situated in the most bucolic locations; villages, jungle, fishing villages, secret beaches and country inns.

Drag-se Summer House



Drag-se Summer House is a reality show in which 12 drags share a house for a month of great parties, make-up, tasks and ego disputes. They are preparing for a set of performance in a concert house, which will end the season.

Sculpting air


Sculpting air is a documentary about the power of each individual to use the body as a main instrument of work, led by dancer and dance teacher Jean Marie Dubrul.

Guanabara Bay’s last dolphins



This movie shows the struggle for survival of the last 32 dolphins of Guanabara Bay, in Rio de Janeiro, following up the agonizing moment of this historic site.

Canal do Maicon / YouTube Channel


Maicon Santini is an actor and his channel has an extended content about many aspects of his daily life and has more than 200K subscribers.

Drag-se / YouTube Channel


DRAG – SE is a YouTube channel where young locals artists inserted in drag culture are the main stars. The channel has varied content abou drag life.

Jou! / YouTube Channel


JOU! Is a YouTube channel that shows the graffiti scene in Rio de Janeiro. Jou, graffiti artist of Santa Teresa will be our guide through this universe.

Na Ilha


This documentary talks about brazilian cinema from the perspective of the main editing professionals of the country.

Condomínio Equitativa


“Equitativa” is a documentary about a townhouse that embraces the history of Rio de Janeiro itself. The growing power of the drug traffic at the neighbour community “Morro dos Prazeres”, today transformed and pacified by the brazilian police in the context of UPP’s(Pacifying Police Unit)



Short movie financed by Rio Filme


Tailor is a comic book journalist , activist , trans , lesbian, non- binary genderqueer and devotes his life to give voice to other trans and opressed people.

Meet some of our clients


The Energy that makes Brazil better is free - Video about the free market in Brazil.

Editora Record

Book Trailer - O Cavaleiro de Nada, Elisa Lucinda

S.O.S Poesia

Art video made for Renato Rezende on his artistic intervention in MAR - Rio Art Museum

Instituto E

Brazilian Coast Recovery is a video for the Institute e, which tells about the reforestation of Rio beach dunes.